The Christian Naturalist


At The Christian Naturalist we believe that God, the Creator, has provided, through nature, what we need for health and wellness.

My goal is to help you live a natural life, achieving both physical and spiritual health. If you're interested in a free consultation, simply send me your information on the Contact Page of this website and I'll get in touch with you.

Here's to your health! 

About the Author:
Terri Thompson is a wife, mother and writer, with a life-long interest in nutrition and natural healing. She's written articles, newsletters, and a blog also entitled, The Christian Naturalist, featured on this website. She loves God, her family, food, different cultures and people. Terri also loves writing. She's studied fiction and won an award for her youth, fantasy novel, Journey to Thelo. In her non-fiction, Terri's goal is to inspire health and hope.

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